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Travel Advice

NHS Travel Advice and Vaccination Service

We aim to provide NHS advice and vaccinations for patients travelling outside the UK.

For current vaccination recommendations and comprehensive travel advice, check the free NHS site Fit for Travel.

Please make an appointment for a personal travel consultation with the practice nurse 6 to 8 weeks before travelling. Prior to appointment please complete the Travel Risk Assessment Form Form and send to kynance.practice@nhs.net or return by hand at least one week before your appointment date.

We need to know the date you plan to leave the UK, the period of your stay abroad, the countries you will be visiting and the purpose of your journey.

If you originally come from the country you are visiting, it is likely your immunity will have worn off so it is important to be vaccinated.

Some vaccinations are available free of charge on the NHS for overseas travel.

Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio NHS
Hepatitis A NHS
Typhoid NHS


The following vaccines are not available on the NHS for overseas travel.
Rabies (course of 3)
Meningitis A,C,W-135 and Y
Yellow Fever
Japanese encephalitis
Malaria tablets can be bought from the pharmacy or travel clinic without a prescription.